Unexpected Growth

I think I may need to unfriend my country

Or begin cussing online

Maybe hurl my bras off a cliff, toss the razor

And just live in the nude on this mountaintop


I may need to slice a watermelon and bite into that sweet flesh

Spit seeds to copperheads below

And cool off with a garden hose

Get on with gettin on


Perhaps I should lose my mind once a week, or pray, or sing gospel in the car

One of those is not the same as the other


What’s your title now?

Hmmm…let’s see


  1. All-star spackler and panicker 
  2. Floor sweeping evangelist 
  3. Wall painting whistler
  4. Good eater
  5. Tree gazer
  6. Random thought generator
  7. Turtle observer, and 
  8. Doom scroller


Another friend told me her mental health is in the toilet these days

And yet another is without her motorcycle gang to grieve the Covid death of one of their members, blood spilling from Trump’s tiny hands


I think I may need to follow in my parent’s footsteps and watch West Wing over and over until this madness passes

They are on round 3

Better than narcotics or getting infected by demon semen 

Or, maybe I should collect crickets and wasps – dry or deep fry – pop em in my mouth – because wouldn’t I have part of this old mountain inside me? 


There is a time for stillness (before sunrise) and a time for movement (after coffee) – just look at John Lewis and all his Good Trouble

He’d probably say, Joanna, there ain’t no time to shop for another country – work with what ya got


Shall we curl up inside a rock shelter near this bluff

Sleep for a season below the ancient art and above the beauty berry?

Maybe an armadillo will knock you awake as he plays and rolls on his back

Maybe that would give us the bone-rattling laughter we need


Wouldn’t it be wonderful, a true surprise, if Trump gained half the intelligence of a slug I see on my windowpane? 

What unexpected growth, we’d all say



5 thoughts on “Unexpected Growth

  1. Joanna, I love your poetry.. especially the slug.. what a hard time this is, especially for you..huge move, many projects, many boxes plus a little pandemic thrown in. What has helped me today is thinking back to this time last year when it was just touch and go for Dennis and his injuries. You are the one who brought about his healing. That was HUGE. Joanna seibert The Rev. Joanna Seibert MD Deacon St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Emeritus Professor Arkansas Children’s Hospital and UAMS joannaseibert@me.com Follow my Daily Something email on joannaseibert.com


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  2. Be open and ready for good surprises! BTW, I talked to David Ware over last weekend & he sends love to each of you; he is at Redeemer in Baltimore if you want to get in touch.

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  3. You’re so brave to say all the things you think and mean! I’m not there yet even though I could get away with it as a dottery old woman. You go girl!

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  4. Your writing makes my eyes and mind see more clearly and my body feel more clearly, which leads me to relax and smile for a moment as I commiserate. Hang in there. We’ll get through this and there will be great writing that comes as a result.

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