Gods for a Day

We wake to the gray light glow of a Japanese paper screen-


To rain patter on a bedroom window and iPod ocean waves tossed on repeat.


I roll to my beloved and kiss the sleeve of his white shirt-

Push from the bed and tiptoe to the kitchen.


I scrub the dinner plates-

Peel fruit stickers from the edge of the sink-

I wipe the counter with a wet orange cloth and

Grind Arabica for my beloved, pressing the powder into a Portafilter.


He holds a ceramic cup made in the Ozarks, the steam

Rousing him from his other land-

His eyes are what?

Twin stars


Periods at the end of a favorite sentence.


The words aren’t in a dictionary. (A philosopher friend says nothing is found in the eyes of the beloved, making me wonder how often philosophers receive long, lingering no-explanation-needed, my-cup-runneth-over hugs.)


You gather books and a journal, pens and colored pencils-

Climb back into the downy folds.


You ask Ms. Levertov if we are going to have a good day

And flip all 1063 pages.


Your finger lands on small breasts.


Let’s stay here,” he says,

Let’s pretend this is a raft

on the Mississippi River.”




And, when we hunger or need to pee or check the mail,


we will walk on water.

One thought on “Gods for a Day

  1. beautiful.. what a gift of life and writing you have.. thank you for sending

    Sent from iCloud joannaseibert@me.com joannaseibert.com The Rev. Joanna J. Seibert M.D. Deacon St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Little Rock Home  27 River Ridge Road  Little Rock, AR 72227 501.225.5002  fax 501 225 8959 cell 501 4258525 Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics UAMS emeritus Department of Radiology  Arkansas Children’s Hospital hospital 501 3644914  fax 501 3641513


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