How to Miracle

Wake up!

Wiggle the parts of your body still working

Stare out the window, Inhale

Let your body cut loose – the burps, the pees, all the what-have-yous 


Open your window and fill your lungs

Breathe in the scent of your animal home

Laugh at the sounds of serious nuthatches 

Wear a dress (or pajamas) with pockets

Scrub salt into iron

Restock the butter 

Melt chocolate on your tongue 

Patch a hole in the wall where the creeper creeps in,

His confetti droppings on all your linens 

Shake ash from your jacket 

Play music on vinyl 

Sweep the skins of oranges and garlic

Rest beneath the arms of an oak

Sing poems to vultures above you 

Gather your comforts: 

coffee, candle, fuzzy blanket

Write the letter you’ve longed to write

Cry out to the God of your understanding: 

Your trembling dreams, your worries, the lies you believe about yourself

Pour them onto paper, on screen, the wind

Let them fly with all the wild birds 

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